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Day Program Activities At
"From Scratch Farm Supports"

Below you'll find the 2022 activity list. Please check back in March to see the 2023 list of activities.

Sign ups begin April 1st 2023.

Read about the activities you'd like to join.
Check on our calendar to see what day of the week and time it is being held. 
Builders Club 

3 hours a week, 6 weeks. $360
(max 4 people) 

Gain experience and confidence with small hand tools (Saw, hammer, drill) Each session we will offer 2 new projects for you to learn on, one of those projects will be a “take home” item, one will be a larger project for public use on the farm. Materials and tools provided. Please bring your own safety glasses (labeled), covered shoes required- steel toed shoes recommended. 

Farm Club 

3 hours a week, 6 weeks. $290  
(max 6 people)
A half day adventure in all things farmy.
Feed the critters, snuggle a goat, hunt for fresh eggs, make friends with a sheep!

In this group we'll learn about caring for animals, learn about growing vegetables and flowers, and get crafty together. We'll do a little bit of everything in this group!

Baking Club

3 hours a week, 6 weeks. $305
(max 6 people)
Who doesn't love a good session in the kitchen, stirring up some delicious warmth and love to share with the important people in our lives? We'll learn about bread making, make pies and muffins, how different flours effect our baked goods, and we'll even make some jam/preserves that we can use with the other things we've made. 


Arts and Motion 

3 hours a week, 6 weeks. $305
(max 6 people)
Yoga, dance, paint, create, and expression are the name of the game in this session!  We’ll encourage curiosity and expression as we stretch our bodies and minds in this playful group.

Christmas Bakers

3 hours a week, 6 weeks. $335
(max 6 people)
Each week we'll make 2 types of best loved Holiday Cookies leading up to the festive season. If you can manage not to eat them all before the holidays roll around, you'll have an amazing selection of sweets to create epic Christmas cookie trays! Great for gifts, or to share  with your family or friends. 



3 hours a week, 6 weeks. $285
(max 6 people) A session focused on exploring the playful world of drama. Entering a land of make believe, movement, and expression. 

Beekeepers club

2 hours a week, 4 weeks. $320
(max 4 people) May 31-June21st

Up close and personal with the inner workings of a bee hive. Learn different aspects of bee care and bee keeping at our home apiary.
Bee suits and gloves will be provided. Long pants and covered shoes are required for this group. 

This session is highly weather dependent and may require shifting to an early evening session on another date if weather requires us to cancel. Bees don’t want us in the hive if it is stormy or a storm is coming. Private beekeeping sessions and hive tours are available for the general public, or to further your learning. See the main drop down bar above for more information about bees at our farm. 

Ukulele Club 

2 hours a week, 6 weeks. 

(max 6 people) 
$220 plus Ukulele/tuner (we will work to find bulk options) A small number of ukuleles are available to borrow. We will earn the basics of how to tune and care for your Uke, then dive in to learning how to play!  This session will include a very short concert at the end.

Game On

2 hours a week, 6 weeks. $200
Location to be announced
Bingo, Board games, dice games, you name it! There will be prizes and friendly competition.
Also, please let us know if you’re interested in a D&D beginners group or other Role Play Game- and we’ll work on putting a group together for an evening or weekend session this fall.

Christmas Crafters

3 hours a week, 6 weeks. $320
(max 6 people)
We're getting ready for Christmas! Each week we'll work on a new item that could be a decoration for your home or given as a gift during the holiday season. 


Fiber Artists 

3 hours a week, 6 weeks. $300
(max 6 people)

There are sew many cool things that can be done with fiber! In this group, we will explore the basics of a number of different textile arts and crafts. We will learn about knitting, crochet, felting, spinning, hand sewing, quilting, and sew much more! 

Home Cooked club

3 hours a week, 6 weeks. $320 
(max 6 people)
Small groups, cooking large batch meals to fill up your freezer at home with healthy and delicious options. Each week we will learn a new recipe together, and bring home two or more portions to be enjoyed or popped in the freezer for later. We will provide the containers and supplies.

Taste the World 

3 hours a week, 6 weeks. $320
(Max 6 people)
We might not be able to travel to all corners of the earth, but together we’ll learn about other countries and cultures from around the world, while learning to cook some of their “best known for” dishes. 

Movie Critics Club 

pay as you go, $30 plus theater ticket and meal/tip (4-8pm) OR
$5  plus theatre ticket if just joining us for the show 4-6pm).
Catch the early show, then head for a meal around the area of the mall for a discussion about the film. Learn about the actors and directors. Together we’ll write a review with our thoughts on the show and put it on our social media to share with our friends. We will choose restaurants and post the location ahead of time. 

Weaving group 

3 hours a week, 6 weeks. $320
(max 6 people)
Peg looms! Easy to use, and fun for us to build our own. We’ll each build a loom, learn to set it up and and create something on it together. This group will require learning to use small hand tools (hand saw and drill) and will build confidence in small tool usage as well as develop an appreciation for the fiber arts while focusing on our fine motor control

Craft-tastic, an Art Adventure

3 hours a week, 6 weeks. $320

(max 6 people) 
Crafty people deserve crafty projects! We’ll work on a number of fun activities and projects that you can take pride in, expressing your creative side. 
We'll learn about and experience a variety art projects, including print making, mosaics, clay, and  so much more.

Outdoor Adventures 

3 hours a week, 6 weeks. $285
(max 6 people) 

Outdoor games, Hikes, discoveries, and knowledge. We will focus on nature and all its beauty. This is a rain or shine or snow group!  Please note that drop off/pick up location may change for this session. All locations will be within 10km of the From Scratch Farm and participants will be informed the week before a location change.

Community Access

3 hours a week, 6 weeks Cobourg $300 plus bus fare, (Max 2 people)
The local transit system can be intimidating! These half day sessions will guide you through the steps to access the rest of your community with more confidence and independence. We’ll cover everything from buying passes/tickets to calling to order your bus and learning to find your stop. 
Contact us about availability/timing. 

Yarn Nerds/Knitting club

2 hours 6 weeks, $190 plus supplies. Further our knitting and crochet skills. 

Karaoke Club - Monthly

4 hours- $80
3rd Thursday of the month, we book a room at "Tonic Karaoke" in Peterborough. This is a private room for our group to access their 70,00+ songs so we can sing sing sing to our heart's content! Pick up and drop off provided in Grafton/Cobourg, Port Hope. Email to sign up.

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