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From Scratch Farm's Apiary

With a passion for bee health and public education over production, our small-scale apiary, “BeeTree Honey'' has been buzzing along happily now for 6 years. We’re excited to expand the services that we offer at the From Scratch Farm to include many options for people interested in learning about the basics of beekeeping. Also new this year, we will be offering honey processing for small scale keepers in our new honey house, and hive management support for those who just need a little more help to get through the season.    


Hive Experiences- All Hive Experiences are highly weather dependent. Bees don’t enjoy interacting with people in wet conditions or in the threat of an incoming storm. In the case of a weather delay, we will work with you to reschedule your appointment. Your safety and our bees' health is our first priority.

Honey and Hive products- As a small apiary, we often sell out of our honey before Christmas! Check below to see honey availability and explore our other hive products. 


Honey and Hive Products
Online Store Coming Soon!

Ontario No.1 Honeys 

Creamed Honey
Gift sets

Need a hand with your hives?
Need a hand with your honey harvest?


Intro to beekeeping 

Jr. Beekeepers Club   


Open Hive Nights

Family Hive Experience

Hive Tours

Hive Sponsorship

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