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Person Directed Planning Services  

This is an ongoing process that puts you at the wheel for driving your life goals. Creating a space for you to sit with us to make a plan for some of your large (and small) goals in life. Maybe this is the first chance you've had to really focus on what your future will look like according to you! MCSS defines this as a “process that begins with listening in order to understand what it is that you want in your life. It builds on your dreams, strengths and capabilities. It is focused on the development of relationships as well as on ways you can access community resources to support a good life.”  

  •  What does it look like?

Your planning meetings are a chance for you to gather the important people in your life together to develop goals and work as a team to access community connections that will help you reach your goals and dreams. 

Is directed by you

Supports you to make a plan for the best possible quality of life where you live, work and spend time

Identifies and strengthens your personal support network

Supports you to be involved in your community

Helps you develop goals and determine who will help you reach your goals

Identifies all informal and formal supports and services needed

creates a living document that should be reviewed at least once per year and changed as required

  • How does it work?

You may choose to have From Scratch Farm Supports help to implement your plan, or choose to have us facilitate the meetings only. If you choose for us to help with meetings only, we will help to create a list of support service providers (workers) who may be able assist you in your goals. Implementing each person's plan looks very different and is guided by your goals. After meeting together, we'll host a meeting of the important people in your life, and in that meeting, we'll take a look at your community and see how best we can work together to help you reach your goals and dreams. By meeting with the group, we're able to share the work, and network with a broader range of people to find creative and sustainable solutions.

  • When to do it

Planning meetings are great for preparing for big transitions in your life- things like finding a job, moving to a new place, maybe moving out for the first time, finding a new worker. But they are just as useful when you're just not sure what to do next. Want to look ahead at future living arrangements?  Want to get more involved in your community? Need to find a way to connect with peers? Considering what to do with your free time? Planning meetings can help with these life questions and more. 

  • How to prepare

We will sit together and come up with a list of the important people in your life. We'll contact them to invite them to your planning session, and we'll ask them to think carefully if there are other people within your community that they think should be attending. Before the meeting we will list your skills and strengths, what people love about you, and the things that have brought you the most pride in life. Then we'll start working with you to determine what your goals are, and where your dreams could take you. 

  • Other useful information

There are other agencies and people in private practice within our community who offer planning services as well. If you'd like a list of those options, please reach out and we would be happy to share it!

If you'd like to read more about Person Directed Planning, here's a link to a PDF created by MCSS.

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