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Honey and Hive Products at From Scratch Farm

We are pleased to offer some of the liquid gold that our bee friends have produced! As we are a small scale operation, we do sell out in the off season. While it’s in stock, you can find our honey for sale at our Market Stand, online, at various festive markets, and at both Burnham’s Family Farm Market and Millstone Bread in Cobourg. We'll have our online store up and running soon. 

Ask about our bulk prices for gift baskets, wedding favours, and fundraisers. 

We’ve ventured into the world of candle making, using a mix of our own and other locally sourced beeswax. Because wax is a resource intensive product for bees to make, we take very small amounts from our own bees each year. Available candles will be posted here soon. 


Each season we have a small amount of both cosmetic grade and double filtered pure wax. Please make sure to request early, as it sells out quickly. Cosmetic grade and double filtered wax is available in November. 

Experiences at BeeTree Honey

Jr Beekeepers club-  On hold for 2023
(ages 6-12) runs 4 weeks starting in June. An hour and a half session on Thursday afternoons.

Children’s bee jackets will be provided. Please come dressed in pants (jeans preferred), socks and covered shoes or boots. 
Max 5 Children per group. 



Family Hive Experience-  $75 (2nd week of June until the 2nd week in August)

45 min family tour of real working beehives.
Dress up in Beekeeper equipment and meet some bees face to face. Your family will learn about the workings of a honeybee colony, see the inside of a hive, watch a new bee hatch, and taste fresh honey right from our bees.
4 family members – 2 Adults, 2 Children, each additional child $10. Runs between June 3rd- August 13th. Ages 5 and up. Great for homeschooling families. 

* Please come dressed for working with bees. Bee Jackets and gloves will be provided. Wear long pants (jeans are preferred), socks and covered shoes or boots.

Intro to beekeeping- $80   (ON HOLD)

2 hour introduction to the world of beekeeping, choose from dates available in June and July. These sessions include both practical and in-hive, hands-on time. (Dates to be released soon)

Learn about the workings of a bee colony, basic introduction to beekeeping, and a chance to get up close and personal with a hive. 

*Please come dressed for working with bees. Jackets and gloves will be provided. Wear long pants, socks, and covered shoes.

Open Hive Night- $10 6pm- 7:30 (June/July: Wednesdays , August: Thursdays)

These sessions are open to those already keeping bees or who have attended our “Intro to beekeeping” workshop. Work side by side with new and experienced beekeepers to conduct weekly hive inspections and apiary upkeep during the beekeeping season. This is your opportunity to get into several hives, to compare and contrast between hives, and to ask questions as we care for the bees. Remember, “ask 5 beekeepers a question, get 7 answers!” Email us for details

Hive tours – $40 per Person (June and July)

Warning... this one hour introduction to life inside a beehive may  get you hooked on the idea of Bee Keeping! We'll take a look inside the hive to see how things work, you'll get to use the smoker, manipulate frames of bees, search for the queen, and taste honey directly out of the hive. Maximum 6 people per tour. 

*Please come dressed for working with bees. Jackets and gloves will be provided. Wear long pants, socks, and covered shoes.

Honey Harvesters- $50 (September)

A two hour deep dive into the world of honey collection. We'll start out in the bee yard and look at ways we collect frames of honey from the hives. Next stop- our honey house, where you'll get a chance to learn about and use the tools of the trade in separating honey from the frames, and learn a little bit about our wax harvesting. Last but not least, pour honey into a jar to take home with you! 

*Please come dressed for working with bees. Jackets and gloves will be provided. Wear long pants, socks, and covered shoes.

Candle Makers- $45 (September-November)

Come for a visit to make candles! We'll make a couple of types of poured candles, and while we wait for them to set up, we'll dip either tapers or luminaries.  

Hive sponsorship-  $175

Sponsor a Hive in our home yard. Help cover the costs associated with keeping a hive healthy and happy year-round. In thanks, you’ll receive 3 jars of honey, a half hour hive tour for 2 adults, and an emailed newsletter throughout the year with updates on what your bees (and beekeeper) are up to. 

Fall Processing Services-  2- 4 boxes $25 per box, 5-20 boxes, $20 per box. (September)

Beekeeping takes a lot of work. Sometimes as a small scale or hobby beekeeper, you just don't have the time or resources available to get your harvest in on time. You sign up for a time slot, bring your boxes and pails on the day of, and we'll do the rest. This will be our first year offering this service, so we'll be tweaking the process as we go. Boxes must be dropped off in the time selected- Our main Apiary is located on the property and we don't want to have boxes left out for our bees to rob. Evening pick-up preferred. Again, to avoid robbing situations. 

Hive management services- 

Need a hand managing your hives? Need some help troubleshooting some issues in your yard?
Message us to set up a consult call. 

Apiary Experiences
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