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Farm Gate Market Stand


Looking forward to 2022

"Market" on your calendars, July 10th 2022 will be our opening day at our Sunday Market Stand... offering a wide variety of treats. Honey, Veggies, and Pies and the ever popular Henry's Nuts will be back! With the expanded garden space expect even more variety of vegetables grown with love. I'm going to let you in on a little secret if you promise not to tell, we are hoping to have an earthen pizza oven up and running on market days before Fall.

How our market came to be

A big part of our plans for From Scratch Farm included vegetable gardening. These plans seem to be ever expanding. We started with a very respectable 6 foot by 50 foot plot that we, mostly Lesley, tried to tend in the precious little time leftover from house building. Then in the spring of 2021, with the house done and finally living on site, we added another 50 by 100 foot plot and Jason set out to become the squash king. In the spring of 2022 we will add what Kim hopes will be the last garden installment (at least for a while) a whopping 200 by 200 feet.

In June 2021 we put our house building construction know how to work and built a super-cute farm gate stand and did a very quiet soft launch, just telling our facebook friends that we were open for business selling Jason’s veggies, Lesley’s BeeTree honey, and Kim’s baking. It was a grand success and grew steadily all summer long. We closed for the season the week before Thanksgiving but immediately started dreaming up new additions for the 2022 season.

Farm to table community

We live in a thriving farm to table community and we are thrilled to shout-out our farming neighbours: 

Visit Silver Maple Highlands for fresh eggs, maple syrup, preserves and a handful of other treasures at 174 Boyle Road.

Black-Tino Farms have fruits and veggies and a whole heap of whimsy at 1984 Shelter Valley Road.

Cuttle Cottage for all things lavender is just around the corner at 295 Vernonville Road.

The Edge of the Woods is a little further out but a beautiful drive to get grass-fed beef, chicken, frozen entrees and more at 313 Joice Road Grafton (but really Eddystone).

In the neighbourhood

In addition to this when you are out picking-up your honey, pies and veggies, ask us where to get poutine because we have sampled all three vendors within five minutes of our door (okay maybe more than 5 minutes if Lesley is driving, she obeys speed limits), and we will be happy to point you in the right direction. 


When our market is closed you can sometimes find us at seasonal sales and bazaars, we post where we will be on our Facebook page @FromScratchFarmGrafton this is also where you get sneak peaks at those quick selling pies.  

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