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Covid cancellations
Covid Policy

From Scratch Farm Policies

Yup, all the little bits and pieces that help to protect you, your participant- and us! We know.... It's a lot of information, so please don't hesitate to message us if you have further questions. 

Our hope, first and foremost, is to create a safe space for people to explore, be curious, and find a creative outlet. 

Covid 19 Response

To manage the risk of spreading illness within the workshop and day camp setting, From Scratch Farm adheres to a comprehensive cleaning and sanitation routine along with personal health care practices including frequent handwashing.

ALL PARTICIPANTS will be screened daily prior to their session. In addition to daily screening, all Participants will be monitored throughout the day for emerging signs and symptoms of illness.


As a parent/guardian/self advocate, you can prevent the spread of illness by keeping yourself or the Participant from the program if you observe ANY of the signs/symptoms outlined on our screening form. If you/your participant begins to display any signs/symptoms during the program, the emergency contact will be phoned to pick up the participant IMMEDIATELY.  While waiting, the Participant will be required to wait away from the rest of the group. 


Participants will not be able to return to the program until the local health unit has determined they may do so in accordance with the health unit’s best practices.  


Covid 19 Cancellations

In the event that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues into Summer 2024 and government restrictions or Public Health guidelines prevent programs from operating as planned, Participants will be entitled to a full refund of fees paid. 

Most of our daily workshops are built around a foundation of outdoor experiences in a small group setting, and as such, these outdoor activities will continue so long as we are allowed to gather in small groups out of doors- practicing social distancing. In the event that indoor gatherings are not allowed, we will cancel our indoor (primarily cooking groups) activity until Public Health guidelines allow for such activities. 


Cancellation and Refunds

General Cancellations- If a participant is unable to attend programming that they have registered for, From Scratch Farm should be notified by 8am the day of the activity so that we are not awaiting their arrival to begin program activities. Those who require cancelling a session altogether should let us know as soon as possible so that the space may be filled by someone on our waiting list. Fees may be refunded if 20 days advance notice is given. 
For those canceling attendance for a day trip, deposit fees will be returned up to 10 days in advance of the activity. After that time, the deposit will be kept. 


Inclement Weather Policy

Our intention is to run workshops and day camp programming rain or shine. A large portion of our programming is about the land we care for and enjoying it in all its states. Please dress for the weather! That said, sometimes Mother Nature will throw a curveball… or a snowball… or a hail ball that is just a little too much or could jeopardize our safety. In such a case, participants will be notified of cancellation between 7 and 8am that day. Prorated refunds will be offered to day camp. Workshops will schedule make-up dates. 


Denial of Application/ Support Needs

 From Scratch Farm reserves the right to deny an application for any reason.  Common reasons for denying an application: communication needs are too great for staff to currently manage, behavioural needs are too great for staff to manage, Applicant cannot self-transfer to toilet, or medical needs are too great for staff to manage.

For the safety of those participating, individuals with behavioural challenges who pose a risk of danger to themselves or others, and who require a Behavioural Support Plan and facilitator, are not able to participate in our programming at this time. It is our hope in the future to offer some programming that could be more inclusive. Staffing for workshops is 1:6, if staff is required to support one individual the majority of the time, the workshop can not proceed. 

If deemed appropriate, we may ask if you are interested in the “bring a buddy” program. "Bring a buddy" works for cases where a little extra help is required in supporting an Applicant. In cases where having 1:1 support would mean an Applicant could participate and not jeopardize the experiences of the other Participants, we would ask that a 1:1 support be brought with the Applicant to participate in the activities. This could be a family member or paid support. 

At this time the From Scratch Farm is unable to provide 1:1 staffing for those with greater physical or behavioral challenges in our sessions. In the case where an individual could safely participate (without jeopardizing the experience of other participants) with the help of a 1:1 aide for their physical or behavoural challenges, we welcome those Applicants to “bring a buddy” (staff or family member) to assist them.
A scalable fee for service will be provided if supports are brought for the individual to participate. Please message us directly if you feel this is the best option for you.

We recognize that everyone has days where they require extra support, but if a group activity is disrupted regularly by the same individual repeatedly, a request will be made for them to “bring a buddy”, or they will be asked to cease attending activities.

In applying for activities, there will be a statement that you have read and understood this information at the time of application. Failure to include any information about properly caring for/supporting the Applicant in the application or in writing prior to the Applicant’s participation in sessions will result in the Applicant being removed from the program and asked to leave the session.



From Scratch Farm fees are due at confirmation of placement, your billing information will be sent at this time.
Invoices will be sent via Fresh Books. Options for online payment will be included with the invoice. 

Phew! You made it to the bottom. 

I know, it's so much information. But we want to protect you, and our staff too. Keeping everyone safe and having fun is so important. 

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