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Day Camp 2024

At "From Scratch Farm Supports" we know that it’s important to get away from the daily activities of life for a bit. Giving ourselves opportunities to meet new friends, experience new challenges, develop new skills and express ourselves creatively. 


In 2022 we discovered that families were having a hard time sorting out daily transportation for a full week of camp, and some campers found a full week of fun just a little too much- in 2024 we will be offering whole and half day options each week in July and August as an opportunity for our friends to participate in Day Camp.  "Half Day" camp will run for the full 8 weeks of summer session. 

Both of these options will feature all the day camp themed activities that folks look forward to- things like Campfire day, Olympics day, and pond day. 

Sign up for either the "Sparrows" stream (folks who like hiking and lots of action) or "Owls" stream (for those who like a more relaxed approach to camp life). 


Camp Life

Activities at day camp will have a focus on movement, curiosity, and expression, all while incorporating the daily workings of our small hobby farm. Group sessions will include: yoga, creative arts, nature exploration, music, and farm to table learning. We will get messy, and we will have fun! 


Lunches and snacks will be provided, with a focus on homemade and grown close to home. Let us know in advance about any dietary restrictions, we will do our best to accommodate these needs. Please note that this is our home kitchen (fully certified with our local health unit) and trace allergens such as gluten and nuts are present in our living space. We can ensure that items are nut or gluten free where necessary, but those with severe allergies should be aware. 

For the 2023 season we will be limited to supporting individuals who are independent in their hygiene and mobility. Adaptive aids are more than welcome. Please note that we are a farm and terrain can be bumpy or muddy, however our home and washrooms are wheelchair accessible. Campers will need to be able to participate in a group setting with a 1: 5 staffing ratio, and for the safety of all involved, we will require that campers participating will need minimal behavioural supports.  We are working towards expanding our services in the 2024 season to be more inclusive in our enrollment, and we are more than willing to work with you if you’d like to “bring a buddy” - bringing extra support for you (or your camper). Contact us if you have any questions about support levels or about the “bring a buddy” program.

The Details

Lunches and snacks provided.
Full-Day camp runs from 9am-4pm

Ask us about later pick-up options. 

Sample activities include: large scale paint projects, silk screening, tie dye, yoga, gardening, farm projects, campfires, music... and so much more!

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