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Application Form 2023

Below you'll find the application for activities at "From Scratch Farm Supports", please note that these activities are geared for adults with developmental disabilities, in the future we plan to run inclusive activities geared for all skill levels and abilities, they will be found outside of the "From Scratch Farm Supports" heading on this site.

Please complete all of the information requested in this application. You will receive confirmation of acceptance and placement within 5 business days. On receipt of your acceptance message, you will find options for payment through Fresh Books. We recognize that this is a long form, you are only required to fill it in once for this year. After that, any time you wish to register for further activities, you may do so by emailing us here. Information is collected and an emergency form is created for each participant for our emergency binder. These physical sheets are destroyed at the end of the year. Digital information will be deleted a year after your last enrollment in activities. 

Failure to pay will result in your space being offered to the next on the wait list. Please see our policy on cancellations and deposits here

The following application is for a:

If you're returning and have already filled out a 2023 application form- just let us know what you would like to be signing up for next, skip the form! 

Ask about our “buddy program” if you require extra support in a group setting. ***

This application must be completed by an individual with the legal capacity to provide information on behalf of the applicant. This application must be completed by an individual who has the full comprehension and understanding of the questions being asked.

Applicant Information

Please complete the information below


In event of an emergency, we need to be able to give the medics information that will help the applicant. Please list below current prescribed medications, the dosage and time given.  Please also note if there are any underlining medical conditions that we or a medic may need to be aware of. 

Does the Applicant have any allergies or food sensitivities? Does the Applicant have any dietary restrictions? Please note that while we are able to offer gluten free/nut free as an option in our programs (cooking groups and day camp), the kitchen that we use is fully certified with the local health unit, but it is our home kitchen and as such may contain trace amounts of things like gluten, nuts, and other allergens. 

Please note that we do have beehives on the property and that there are occasionally wasps in the area

Does the Applicant carry/require an EpiPen?


Is the Applicant able to participate in a group setting where staffing could be 1:6, without undue disruption to the rest of the group? For the safety of those participating, individuals with behavioural challenges who pose a risk of danger to themselves or others and who require a Behavioural Support Plan and facilitator, are not able to participate in our programming at this time. Please see our policy on support if you have any questions. 

Is the Applicant able to transfer independently to toilet? An accessible porta potty and an indoor accessible washroom are on site at the Farm. 

Please note that most of our activities take place outdoors on our farm, the ground may become muddy/uneven. Is the Applicant comfortable navigating in these sorts of conditions? Mobility devices are welcome!

I am applying for the following activities & sessions (check box your selections)

Activity selection September- October 2023
Activity selection July 3rd-August 25th 2023

The legal bits... you're almost done!


By submitting below you are acknowledging our Privacy Policy , if you have questions or concerns about how your/the participant data is used at From Scratch Farm, please contact us at

I hereby give permission for photos to be taken of the participant for inclusion in social media posts and advertising publications. 

By hitting "submit" below, you are acknowledging and agree with our "Participant Agreements and Waiver". 

When you click submit you will get an email confirming your application, we will follow-up with you in 2-5 Business day to confirm your admission, get more information, and send you an invoice for your selections.

Oops!  Looks like you may have missed a box please scroll up and look for the red box/star to complete form,  then re-submit

You DID IT!!!!!! 

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